Wimac Crane Turkey serves you for the production of monorail overhead cranes, maintenance, technical services, spare parts etc.

Wimac Cranes generally produce it up to 20m with beam type and box type. Along the bridges the hoist should travel by remote control or pendant push button. As per request of the clients,we design the cranes in best conditions and high quality.

The designs of the monorail crane are proper for the FEM, DIN, ISO norms. Wimac Cranes to manufacture the cranes according to TSE standards which is renewing annually.

The sheet metals which are using during the production are suitable for the European standards. To gain in strength of the Crane girders, we use S37 sheet metals. We also make the special designs as per your request for the cranes.

To get a proposal for monorail crane please do not hesitate to contact us via following phone numbers or contact form.